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One dude, one Dance, one Humanity.

So this video has always stuck with me. I once asked my collegue "If aliens came down, and said show me a reason to spare your species, what would you show me?" - and my answer was this.


What's more to say, I love dogs, my boy Nukhas (Nux/Nuks/Nucky( is the best thing to happen to me. I believe in the Power of Dog, Canine hear yah Aye Men !

They should be given out on prescription on the NHS !!!!

A general place to dump my thoughts, where they don't apply to any current categories.

I'm deeply passionate about good healthcare, both mental and physical. As a sufferer of both, I can attest on how important it is.

I must admit, i'm one of the most unhealthy people I know - and I want to change that - and this'll help show off my journey into that & how hopefully that'll lead to a better life.

It goes without saying, i'm a complete and utter Novis, an untrained layman - nothing I say here is to be taken as medical advise, we'd both be schmucks to think otherwise.

These are some factoids about my life, my family, my dog - things I get up to day-to-day, and all the rest of it. Stuff more about mwah rather than stuff that isn't mwah.

I feel i'm probably a proud snowflake; a live-and-let-live kindda liberal, a socialists in some regards (Gawd Bluss da NHS)... but i'm self aware that some of my views could be considered Hypocritical, but hay, we'd all be hypocritical if we all said we were never hypocritical. I think. In the words of Harvey, "You may quote me.".

I've always loved technology, it's enabled me to do many things. It's been my career and passion since I was a school child. After school, I needed a career that I could work from, from home, and this was a new and exciting option.

I was lucky enough to be at the right age to hit the DotCom Bubble; and i'm grateful.

My late Father was also really into technology, especially consumer technology. I would love to see what he'd say about today's technology. He always encouraged me to follow my coding dreams, and I wish I had his guidance on this, in my later life.