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One dude, one Dance, one Humanity.

So this video has always stuck with me. I once asked my colleague “If aliens came down, and said show me a reason to spare your species, what would you show me?” – and my answer was this. I don’t know why, it just really touches me.





I recall him posting a video about him having a couple of kids, or maybe one, and that’s why he stopped these dances, but I can’t find it anywhere. Looking online, he was a video game developer (with an impressive history), and has given quite a few talks in his internet-stardom. He did a bunch of adverts for various brands (TBH, with this, I think he can truly work anywhere).

Anyway, that’s all, have a good day. Lots of love.

(I really needed this post today).

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Get one on the ‘Royal Mail’ & ‘HRMC’ style Text-Message/SMS ‘You have a bill/fine’ scammers.

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Here I’ll show you an easy way to actually harm these spammers, along with saying a few tricks as to how they set up things. You might want to skip the to juicy part

I’ve written this the long winded way, but that’s just for those who aren’t really knowledable about the web. It’s really quite simple….

TLDR in 4 Steps

  • Find domain name
  • Look up the WhoIs information on it.
  • Report to the register/host; they’ll have some kind of Abuse contact.
  • Send them your details.

What does a Link look like, and what parts do we need?

First up, this is a sample of one of the text messages. You can tell they’re fake, because they don’t use any registered domain names. To help you spot them (and to be frank, they’re all one, but this is just an example). a domain name is made up of the following.

https://[subdomain]. [domain]. [tld]/ [something]
  • http or https
  • The subdomain is normally the thing that they’re trying to emulute/spoof, such as Royal Mail, HMRC, FedEx, Police etc. You can have a few of these
  • The domain is normally something official sounding, but ultimately fake, such as “DeliveryService”, “BillingDepartment”.
  • The TLD part is something that you’d usually see such as ‘’, ‘.com’, ‘.net’ etc. They’re pre-set as per what an organisation called ICAAN sets up, but they’re literally 1000s of these. A few of these are restricted such as &
  • The Something part doesn’t have to be there, if it has what looks like giberish or a unique code. DO. NOT. CLICK. This’ll let them track your text message to their website & database, so if they know you’ve clicked, then they’ll spam you more & more – plus sale your phone number to other companies.

Some example links a spammer could use.

Ok, we’ve got a link, let’s get the important bit, and find out who’s hosting these f**kers.

Now you need to get the Domain and the TLD part, and make a note of it. Write it down if you like.

Then go into google, and google whois TLD. Click on the first NOT sponsored link, and you’ll be taken to a web page that has a search bar, to ‘look up’ the ‘who is’.

You’ll be given a whole bunch of goobldigook, but in the information, try and find the Contact Details. The people who own the site will probably be hidden, but you’ll find out who the host are.

You can also report it to the UK POlice’s ActionFraud department, who’ll also deal with the situation.

So what will this do?

It’s very easy for these spammers to set up numbers and spoof them, and if they’re doing it to your number, then I really don’t know what i’d do if they did it to me – possibly change my number. But they use seemingly ‘normal’ mobile numbers, which are setup via computers & not monitored – there is no point in really texting them back. And there is no way of really reporting these numbers in any offical capacity.

But setting up a website is much harder, especially with hosting, and hay, at least it’s something. All in all, this shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, so spend some of that pent up frustration, safe in the knowledge that at least you did something =)

I’ve written this the long winded way, but that’s just for those who aren’t really knowledable about the web. It’s really quite simple….

TLDR in 4 Steps

  • Find domain name
  • Look up the WhoIs information on it.
  • Report to the register/host; they’ll have some kind of Abuse contact.
  • Send them your details.

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Welcome to the Lingoverse… Part 1, Yiddish.

The English Language is so borring on so many levels. We have our Swears, which are great, the UK is the best at that IMHO, but what about the rest world’s languages? What words can we take from them?

Yiddish is a language by a people who have travelled across the world & generally started from those that didn’t have a Motherland (although it’s based around Western Soviet & Germanic routes), therefore it’s adapted and evolved, and seemingly, every family has a slightly different take on the exact definition.

One of the things with languages, is that you can shape a mindset about a culture, by the words they use. In this case, Yiddish can be quite emotive. There is a thing called “Jewish Guilt”, I guess the Catholics have something similar; but you can see in the makeup of the language how it shapes the mindset.

Mishyguss; /mish-eh-GUS/

A light hearted way to say one has a ‘madness’ that has over taken someone’s life.. It’s more about the idea, and it’s normally a temporary thing. It’s not really a Mental Health thing, I guess it can be confused with OCD, but OCD is a really serious issue, and this isn’t.

My obesssion with Consumer Gizmos (especially Apple), and Dogs, could be one of mine. Where sometimes i’d spend all day going over the real fine-print. I used to have one over the show Hollyoaks too, where I’d watch it and the repeat every day – it would drive my flatmates crazy. My mum has one over her home, where she is constantly making plans to do rooms up, or to make sure it’s pristine. My Dad had one about starting up businesses, he’d love the ‘game’ and the ‘gamble’ of trying new ways to do things.

“OMG, it’s like the whole office has a Mishygus over Game of Thrones; every f’-king detail they need to know about”.

Mashugina – /mash-oog-INah/

this is very similar, but can be more sinister, and is more about the person rather than thing they’re crazy about.

I think she’s gone Mashugina. She repeats every other sentence. Maybe the doctor can recommend some pills or a theorpy.

Broygus – /broy-GUS/

A feud between two people, normally ones who used to be friends, and one day could be friends again – but one of those fights where you no longer know why you’re beefing with each other; it’s just a constant game of uppenship. But you know i something serious happened, it’d end the broygus in an instant; they’d still be there for each other. You can expand this to groups such as rival football clubs, but anyone who celebrates an actual pain/distruction, would be considered too far for Broygus.

No, I’m not picking up the phone to him, I don’t care what he says, he shouldn’t have done XYZ…. Yes, i’m mad, in-fact, i’m broygus.


An utter suck up, normally said with affection. Normally there is an alterer motive for sucking up, such as getting a favourable bit of food, or knowing you’ll get a gift or even just some ego-boosting praise. Or another example is to suck up to a parent, just to get one over on your sibling.

Thank you, yes, I’ve had my hair done, I’m really pleased with it now. What is it you’re after? Oh yes, new skirt too. Ok, here’s my last rolo. You utter Schmeral.

Haychic (/Hay-Chik/) & Nukhas (/Nuk-ch-uss/).

I love these words, they’re very similar, they both mean that good vibes you get, that feeling in your heart that something gives you. Haychik is normally when something is done yourself, such as watching a loved one eat a labour intensive meal you made. Or in general, seeing the fruits of your labour.

Nukhas is slightly different, it’s more about get those same vibes, on behalf of someone else. Seeing your friend’s charity run, seeing your children graduate, etc.

I don’t know why I do it, I spend all day writing this blog, and it just gives me great Haychik when people reply & share it.

Subtle hint.

I can’t believe my little boy is starting school, and he got a shiney golden star on his first day. So proud. It’s a Nukhas to me.

Sehhull (sheah-hull) & Noggin (Nog-gien)

If someone has the Sehhull, they’ve got their wits about them, about a situation. They’ve got good forethought. Noggin is more about the physical head.

I stood up, and it just knocked my noggin on the corner of t’he cupboard.

I went into Chippers, and all I wanted was some chips. I didn’t have any cash but I had my contact-less card on my phone – so I can’t use a cash Point. They said I needed to spend £12 to use my card, so I asked if I can just get a burger with it to knock it up to £8. They said no. So I asked if I can just pay 50p extra. And they said no. So they’re turning down a £9 sale for the sake of 50p. Mean while, they’ve got JustEat taking half their profits, and Dilveroo too.I ended up going next door. No Sehhull what so ever.

Yes this is very specific case. Yes I am bitter. In fact, I’m totally broygus with them.

Chutzpah /Houts-pahh/

This is a fan-favorite of Yiddish words. This is to mean the nerve or ghul of someone. Where someone does something so unbelievable in favour of their own self interests, that it’s crazy. It’s a personified Audacity. Normally the thing will be quite hypocritical thing that the subject does.

Perfect one person example.


That’s it, that’s all you need for this definition. Trump is pure Chutzpah. I can not think of a better definition. Donald Trump is pure 100% oozing Chutzpah.

OK, only kidding, I guess you’d need specifics

I can’t believe he had a go at me for making the place messy, have you seen his room? The pure chutzpah of it.

Every single person who has ever come into a place where I live. Especially my flatmates.

We ordered 9 prawns, we had 4 each, and he didn’t even offer up the last one, even though I paid.

I can’t believe they didn’t even offer to pay their half of the meal; and even asked me to leave a Tip !

(Projecting much?)

And that’s it for Part 1.

I hope you enjoyed this, this is far from a complete list, this is just the ones that came to mind whilst writing this. They’re tons more to add in a Part 2 or 3, such as Putz, Schmuck, Bubbalah & so much more – it’s just that I don’t want to do too many in one go.

Have a lovely day.

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The Lithuania’s PortalCities project :: First Portal goes Live.

This might look like something from a Movie, TV Series AND video game. It’s a little bit of the Stargate movie/tv-series, it’s a little bit of Valve’s Portal Games, a little bit of the movie Contact – and probably a little bit more.

A truly inspiring art project.

Of all the unexpected surprises #Vilnius has up its sleeve, this one is truly #innovative.

The city’s train station district is now home to a #PORTAL that connects Vilnius with Lublin, Poland. This portal serves as a bridge between the two cities and a unique opportunity to connect, share and inspire people on the other side. It’s open 24/7, so feel free to find it and start connecting with people in Lublin.

The project has only just begun, and soon enough Vilnius will open up new portals to dozens of other cities across Europe and around the world.

Thanks to @vilniustech_linkmenufabrikas Learn more:

#visitvilnius #vilniuscity #vilniusnow #vilniusgram #discovervilnius #vilniuscityvibes #lithuania #lietuva #visitlithuania #lituania #discoverlithuania #hiddengem #bestcitypics #instaoftheday #goexplore

They’re so many memes here that I want to show. The Portal song (“Still Alive”), which is filled with wonderful lyrics such as “This is a triumph; I’m writing a note here, huge success. I can not overstate my satisfaction”. The Stargate Series with all the Tilh’c forehead icon. To much other media. I know for sure i’ll spend the rest of this month consuming such media. I can’t consume them fast enough.

Cola Coke’s Similar Project.

Gawd, is someone chopping onions in here? Bit dusty. My eyes seem to be tearing up. Can I get a tishew?

I’ve just got something in me when people use technology to connect. I love it. It’s projects like this that got me into my industry. Sure, the first one is advertising a tourist industry & the second one advertising one of the most vilest companies in the world – but gosh 🦆ing damn, this is the kind of projects I love in my current industry.

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‘Apple Cider Vinegar’ & the Goli Jelly Candy.

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So I’m not sure if you’ve also been heavily targeted; one would say using Predatory Advertising tactics, using my disability to know that I need health issues on my Facebook.

I’d like to add, in clear, at the start.

This is not medical advise, this is not Scientific Advise, this is just my take on things, also….


First up, what do they claim?

According to the Goli website, their Sweets have the following health benefits.

Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for centuries as a traditional remedy for:Digestion – Gut Health – Appetite.

Our patented formula combines Apple Cider Vinegar with Vitamin B9 and B12 to help support:

  • Healthy Metabolic Energy – The ingredients in Goli Gummies help convert food you eat into cellular energy to give your body the healthy support it needs to get you through the day.
  • Healthy Immune Function – The ingredients in Goli Gummies help to support a healthy immune system.
  • Healthy Heart – The ingredients in Goli Gummies play a fundamental role in maintaining homocysteine levels, which helps to support a healthy heart.
  • Healthy Metabolism – The ingredients in Goli Gummies help your body’s ability to metabolize nutrients.
  • Overall Good Health – The unique combination of ingredients in Goli Gummies promotes good overall health and wellbeing.
  • Added Antioxidant Support – Goli Gummies are are not only infused with superfoods, but they’re also a source of powerful antioxidants.

And then some really small text at the bottom of every page.

†DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Goli Nutrition are not intended for the purpose of providing medical advice. Please always consult your health care provider if you are taking any medications or have any medical condition. Individual results may vary.

What’s in a Goli, how much do you need, what’s the bottom line?

Going by the website, each Gummy Sweetie/Candy contains the following; with the last 3 columns in the purple text, my own addition to their table, as this data isn’t published on the website. This information is taken from googling via trusted sources such as the NHS.

IngredientAmount (per Sweetie)Amount
(Per Day)
Your Daily Limit% of Daily
Total Carbohydrate3.5g21200 / 250 10.5% – 8.4%
Total Sugars1g63020%
Apple Cider Vinegar500mg3000
Organic Beetroot40 mcg240
Organic Pomegranate40 mcg240
Vitamin B9
(50% Daily Value)
200 mcg DFE1200400 mcg DFE300%
Vitamin B12
(50% Daily Value)
1.2 mcg7.21.5514%

Recommended 1-2 gummies, 3 times daily

My daily amounts are random google searches, sorry of not acurate

Carbs Calculation

Your carbohydrate need can be based on your caloric intake.2 If you know how many calories you need each day, you can figure out how many grams of carbs you need:

  1. Take the 2500 daily intake for a male adult, then split in half so that’s 1250
  2. Each gram of carbohydrate has four calories, so that’s 1250 / 4 = 312..

So you’re going for 2000 calories per day, that’s 250g.

Source: Very Well Fit

Something to point out, at this point.

If you’re taking the Gummies, with their 20% of daily sugar allowance, along with their 10% of Carb allowance, are they really the right thing for Diabetics? I’m not entirely sure. Wouldn’t it be better to dilute the Apple Cider Vinegar

The “Of which are sugars” bit we see on UK Packaging; i’m not sure on this product. But still, that’s a lot of sugar for an item that

Celebs are all over Goli

Notice how a lot of these have Discount Codes? 🙄

OK, so what is the rest of the Web saying Apple Cider Vinegar is good for; and how does it relate to this product?

Holland & Barrett says

Healthline says:

  • aiding weight loss
  • reducing cholesterol
  • lowering blood sugar levels
  • improving the symptoms of diabetes

What does the BBC Say:

Blood Sugars in Healthy People, they gave them two items after eating a couple of bagels each, after a night of fasting. Half got Malt Vinegar and half got Apple Vinegar.

It turned out that the cider vinegar, but not the malt vinegar, had a big impact, reducing the amount of sugar in the volunteers’ blood by 36% over 90 minutes.

Weight Loss: Most seemed that they didn’t have such a craving for sweet things, although nobody lost weight.

Anti Inflmatory Markers: A tiny amount of change in CRP levels in their blood, but not enough to go shouting about.

Blood Fats like Cholesterol (and Triglyceridess): Averages about a 13% drop

WebMD Says

Vinegar has been used as a remedy for centuries. The ancient Greeks treated wounds with it. In recent years, people have explored apple cider vinegar as a way to lose weight, improve heart health, and even treat dandruff.

Research doesn’t back most of these claims.

And also accord to WebMD, the following claims have been made, with INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE.

So how much?

These prices are quick price lookups, at time of writing, on amazon. Even if this stuff did work, here is the price differences between ACV and Goli ACV.

Goli ACV

£35 a bottle of 120.
6 a day


Apple Cider Vinegar (with ‘Mother’)

About £13ish a litre, needing 30ml a day, meaning < 11 litre a year

£130ish a year

So what’s my final verdict?

This is a massive waste of money, these are almost literal Magic Money Beans in Haribo/Percy Pig/Jolly Rancher form. I can not find a single scientific article that backs up their claims in any significant way, not even the ones on Goli’s website

Apple Cidar Venigar is not cleared by any western medical body (that I know of) for Medical Use. There is an age-old adage “What do you call Alternative Medcine that works? Medcine”.

The supplement industry as a whole is hugely unregulated, lobbies to government a lot, allows for partially drugs like Spice to get through, and is indicative if a failed healthcare system.

In the states, where Insilin is so expensive, people are looking for alternatives, and TBH, there isn’t any, at least, none inside ACV.

F**cking Charlatans.

But it does have one good use…
Salad & other FoodThe Supliment Industry as a whole needs to be

And to finish off, here is short amount of time worth of adverts/posts, less than a month, more like a week or two.

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Lifestyle Concepts & Philosophies that I can totally dig.

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Picture above by Edward “SirSandGoblin” Peacock of the Statistic Stetches etsy store. You can find more of his work over at :

Here are a few more examples of his artwork.

Here I’ll list out a few ways to live, a few life styles, that i’ve come across, that I really like the idea of. I know some of them might be a bit Hippy & not everyone likes it. But if I take the parts of it I like, and leave the rest, then I should get a good system going.

On researching this article, they’re tons and tons of these that I like, but here are a few choice ones.

Hygge was the inspriation for this post, and my 💯🔥 pick.

This is all “As i understand it” and laid out in my own way of speaking. I’ll probably gets of it wrong, maybe even a little bit more, but this is just my take.


Stoicism isn’t a new idea, it comes from the Ancient Greeks. Some guy was shipwrecked in Athens, and lost everything he had. Rather than be all doom’n’gloom about it, he saw this as an opportunity to change things about. But this isn’t just a “Get rid of material crap” stance, somehow, it’s more of a thinking of Self Control, Tolerance & Virtue. These days, if someone is Stoic, they’re that cool, calm & rational person.

I’m not sure if I like the denying of feelings, but it’s more like “Everything is in a web of consequences & actions, and although you can’t always do jack-shit about some of it, you can change your attitude on how you approach things”.

Stocism has four main pillars

  • Real Wisdom (the ability to rationally think things through, and always be improving your knowledge)
  • Temperance (Restraint in all things in life, ‘less is more’ & ‘all things in moderation’)
  • Justice (Treat people fairly, even if they’ve done the dirty on you).
  • Courage (in. your daily challanges, not just the big things – for some, even living can be considered this).

Nelson Mandela was a big fan of this, to him, what was done couldn’t be changed (such as his incarceration) , but it could be a lesson learnt for the future.

Reminds me of the Christian verse

“Lord grant me the Serenity to accept the things I can not change,
The Courage to change the things I can
and the Wisdom to know the difference.”


Hygge, as a term, has been messed around with quite a lot, as it’s traveled from Norway to Findland to the UK and US – and beyond. It was so popular in 2016 in the UK, that it was short-listed for “word of the year” by the Oxford English Dictionary.

It basically means a sort of manufactured cozzyness. I don’t think there really is an English equivolant that quite represents it well. The following is either the action itself, or the appreciation of the event happening.

  • On a cold winter’s day; as if most days in the nordic countries; Wolly Socks, that Hot Chocolate with The Works, sparkling lights, snuggling up with your family on the coach watch the fire or a movie, calling up a mate out the blue.
  • On a Spring day, it’ll be the new leaves, the new smells, the animals coming out of hibernation. The sunlight shinning through the newly green leaves, on a walk in the forrest, with your dog(s) & a friend. The realisation that the long dark nights are starting to shorten.
  • On a hot Summer’s day, I guess [and this is just a guess as I can’t find any examples], it’s drinking coconut water, eating watermelon, going to the beach with a fire. BBQ Weather too.
  • On an Autumn day, it’s the snugness of the days drawing to a close earlier, the longing of the twilight hours, the browns and reds on the ground. It’s getting a coffee for your friend, who you haven’t seen in 5 years, but picked up the conversation right off the bat.

Hygge is just that sort of cozyness and comfort you make for yourself. It’s really nice, I love it, such as having a big bath with all the lights. And reading a book whilst hearing the rain.

wood, warm, home, decoration, cottage, flame, fire, cozy, fireplace, living room, room, indoors, hearth, fireside


Animisim is the believe that everything, from people to animals to plants to even inanimate objects, all have a soul. It’s known as the OG Religion, and a lot of “Primitive cultures”. Stay with me, this leads onto some other Philosphies that i’ll get into soon, but thinking ‘things’ have ‘souls’, although this is my take, can show when something gives you an Emotion when you get it. Modern religions capitalise objects all the time, there is a mountain in Hawiaii that is seen as a sister of the indiginious people. They’re cultures that believe spirits come in masks & you kind of loan them your body. Drugs are probably involved with that bit. Good drugs. Often food has a ‘soul’ to it, you can taste the ‘love’ in a well prepared meal by a loved one; when you season a Wok Hei (or ‘The Breath of a Wok’).

But anyway, I don’t know much about this but I like the idea that ‘things’ have a ‘soul’, and that can effect how you relate to it.

There is a method of organising called the KonMari method. Which says you put all your items, such as clothes or cutlery, into a big pile. You then get them all one by one, and if this item “Brings you the Spark/Joy, you keep it – otherwise you give/throw/donate it away”. Joy/Spark can be a few things. If something bought you joy once, such as when you bought it, but it no longer does -great, it’s done it’s purpose, now time to hand it over to someone else.


Picture from: Normanack, Flickr.

I have friends who subscribe to the views of Pagan and Wicca. Wicca is seen as a bit out-there, but I think that is due to stigma & misunderstand. Wicca is linked to Satainsim, but the two aren’t synonymous. Satainism is all about the “Enternal Rebal”, it’s an disestablishmentarian movement – which is why it was seen as so bad, got scapgoated, and then the occult hijacked it. But when we come to Wicca, is a Pagan religion, and was the target of the Witch Trials.

Witches from Wiccas, isn’t really about believing in a god or goddess. It’s about experiencing things, discovery and learning. It’s quite scientific in the respect that you’re expected to learn, challenge, and come to know what you experience first-hand; and have confidence in that.


is a Japanese way of thinking, as a “Reason for being”. It’s your way of having a sense of purpose & fulfilment, motivation & accomplishment. It can be your motivation. It’s hard to explain in words, so here is a picture taken from Ben Freeman on Flickr

I love the Gods, Heroes, Monsters (etc) of Old
Greek, Norse, Roman, Egyption – etc – and that’s just the ones I can recall.

I’ve listened to over and over again the tails of

  • Thor & Loki, Fraya & Oldin – the whole family – from their starts ’till ragnorock on Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.
  • Zeus , Hercules, Pandora’s Box, and so so much more, in Steven Fry’s Heroes: The myths of the Ancient Greek heroes retold , and his books Mythos & Troy.
  • God of War (The Greek Years), is also a FANTASTIC way of telling these stories, there is one point where your main character is so small, in comparison, that he lifts up someone else’s finger nail, that he’s stuck inside of.

    and also
  • God of War (The Norse Years), I’m still to play these, I wasn’t such a big fan on 4, but that was more down to gameplay. I wanted more huge giant monsters, or more mythological creatures. It had a lot, but nothing compared to the original series. But most people loved it.
  • Fictional Literature – as in, Narnia, The Magicians, Marvel, Dante’s Inferno etc.

I’ve listened to the audio books over and over again, and I can’t pinpoint why I adore this telling of stories & life-lssons. I can’t even work out if these count as a Religion or not, from back in the day, or just an artistic expression.

WhatI think I love about them, is that everyone in the book is fallible in one way or another – it makes them far more human than an all-knowing all-seeing omnipotent god who doesn’t actually do much, and never admits guilt. God in the Abrahamic religions, as far as I know, is the Holy Trinity of Superman, Thanos (with the fully loaded Infinity Gauntlet) and, erm, Ion Man’s Ego? When something CAN’T go wrong, when one can and will do whatever they want and use people as play things, it’s just a bit stale. We all know who’s going to win the fight. Even when they’re wrong they’re right.

The god’s mentioned above though, and as I learn more, i’m sure they’ll be plenty to add to the list.. They can all f’ck up bigtime. You don’t know they’re going to win. Sure, Loki will have his whit, and Thor will have his strength, but it’ll get them into trouble. They’ll win pretty much most of the time, but you don’t always know that. And they’re clauses in these wins, they get into trouble.

I’d love to learn more cultures about this way of instilling morals and values onto people, through fantasy. I can totally get behind a religion that uses these up.

So that’s it for this little rabbit hole, I hope you enjoyed it, please feel free to share and/or leave a comment, and tag me in if you like.
It’s all apprechated.
– PP ✌️☮️

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GoviNetUK™️©️ – An ISP for a Digital First country.

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Why I believe Broadband should be a right for all citizens of the United Kingdom.

I believe that Broadband should be a right, to most people throughout the world. I also believe it’ll essentially pay for itself. This is the case for everyone to have at-home access in the UK.

We have many Vital Services that require access to the internet to work, especially looking to the future. Wether this is Right or Wrong – is another argument for another time – I get that they’re lots of people out there who like to call up a Call Centre; My Mum is one of them. But the fact is, more and more services are going to Digital First (not Digital Only, but Digital First). If The Public don’t have access to these services, then they’ll be a second class citizen… They’ll get ‘lost in the system’. As the Pandemic has shown, we have an Epidemic of a whole bunch of services, that are essentially inaccessible.

Here I lay out a few talking-points, in no particular order, of why I think such a system should be setup.

Job Centre

If you want to get access to JobCentre Benefits, you need an internet account & Email Address; it’s vitally important so they can get your password to you / reset your password; another argument is for access to SMS services, but I’m not going into that one today (although I know how important it is for ‘2 Factor Authorisation’… but I’m not really going into that). The clientele have a little chat log with your various workers, and can see update to their benefits. Some of those require replies within a few days, or you lose your benefits that you’re legally entitled to. You can sometimes call up, but you call to a central booking office, and in that case, you’re not dealing with the individual who knows you.

A lot of the information too, is only online. Or the postal service is too slow. There isn’t a printed version, of everything, in every language….Or if there is, it’s hard to find & require going down to the Job Centre to get. Naturally because paper is limited, it won’t have a much information, nor be updated. 

As a UK Citizen, it is vital that you get access to your Journal, should you have one, and 24/7. Your benefits can be effected greatly, just by missing an appointment by 5 minutes (or whatever), let alone a few days.

Barrier to Work

I don’t know if it’s just me & my industry, but try finding a job these days without having a ready to use internet access. All the forms are online, the emails are online, the job-searches are online. On top of this, you have to upload your CV (which I’ll get into having your own computer, later on).

There also is a stigma that if you can’t get online, that you’re computer illiterate (which is probably true in a lot of cases, no offence, most of us are something-illiterate), but it could also mean that you can’t afford the internet access – or don’t prioritise it with limited funds. The stigma implies that you won’t be able to use the machinery required for the job – whether that’s getting a ForkLift License, using a Call Centre system or operating a till.

Barrier to Local Government Services

During the the last few elections I’ve known, all the political parties want us to be a “Digital First”strategy. What this means is, your first port of call (but not nessersarlly your only one), is accessing government services via the internet. Whether this getting your Rubbish Bins sorted, seeing if you can get XYZ parking system sorted, or whatever. As a Tax Payer & UK Citizen, it’s not right that one ‘puts into’ the system, without being able to talk them out. 

This also include getting information on the Law & your Rights; should you end up in a sticky situation.

Barrier to Government Messages, Education, and Other.

I think one thing that Covid 19 has taught us, is how important it is to be online.

They’re many education systems that require an internet access and computer, from nursery/primary school all the way up to the highest of high educations. When the Pandemic hit, Education was hit badly. Many children had to share computers, many had to use work-around such as using video game consoles or phones – Microsoft even had to put their Teams software on XBox. Parents had to pick which child got taught that day, on the basis of who got to use the computer. The exam systems for 2020 and 2021 will be a mess.

We’ve used the internet for a few decades now, such as BBC Bitsize, but having to rely on such services first-hand, was troublesome at best, for 100,000s (?) of families.

With most/all MPs and government services, now using social media, to give out their messaging. I’d say it’s vitally important that the public have access to this. It covers everything from Medical Advice to Anouncing Policy  to Organising Civic Action (such as protests (whether you’re for or against a specific one)),  & so much more.

This is especially vital when the government are known to do many U-Turns, such as School Dinners, Christmas of 2020, lockdowns, and when events are cancelled.

But what about going to the Library, or Job Centre, or an Internet Cafe.

This is quite a short sighted argument, on many levels.

These services are closing more and more. Although this is ovbiously not a good thing, it’s a relatively easy way for the government to save money with minimum casualties – don’t get me wrong, they’re still used, and greatly loved by the communities, but if it’s your local library OR your local A&E, it’s a no-brainier (it’s not an ‘or’, that magic money tree does grow, it’s just in very specific soils – but anyway, I digress).

What if you live a bus-ride away? Who wants to do their Banking in a public room? Who wants to look up medical conditions in a public room? What if all the computers were in use? The list goes on and on, on reasons as to why being online in public can undesirable at best.

You’re also at the whims of their opening times, or personalities of staff, or availability of the computer themselves. 

What if you make the journey to one of these internet places & that important communication you’ve been waiting for, hasn’t been sent yet, so you go back the next day, or the next day. Where as if you had internet at home, you can check it to when you want.

Just to emphasise the point – Even the Homeless (of all kinds) know how vital it is to be online. It’s their contact to their friends and family. It’s literally their BEST OPTION to get out of their terrible situation.

Give a man a fish, teach a man to fish
You can give the person some food/money, even a couch for some time – but that won’t last forever.
Getting online though, would be access to getting help.

Ok, ok, you’ve convinced me, let’s give them a few GB a month of internet.

No, no & no. It has to be 24/7 internet, you can’t find out that your child has been using the internet to watch Netflix, and used up all your account? What if you have a virus that uses up all your internet points? What if you fall asleep watching Question Time, and iPlayer auto-played throughout the night, other TV & that used up all your points. This needs to be a full service, 24/7, at a good enough speed to display websites.

It doesn’t need to be the fastest internet out there, in fact, I’d make the argument that it shouldn’t be. There should still be private ISPs out there, pushing for the newer and faster technology, offering 16k video access & minus-pings and all that jazz. To visit a webpage, you don’t need the fastest of internet. If one wants an internet access with all the Bells’n’Whistles, then they should be able to get it. Good luck to them ! But for the sort of families that would use this kind of internet, a basic but FULL service needs to be there, all/most of the time.

So how about we do some kind if filters? Like, so they can only do the bare minimum.

That’s also a ‘No’ from me, firstly, they’re ALWAYS circumventable. It’s an expensive folly to think otherwise. Whether it’s your child using Google Translate (you run a site through Google Translate with both the ‘from’ and ‘to’ languages your native tongue), VPNs, or anything else. It just doesn’t work. Sure someone is going to “Beat their Meat”, some are going to play Playstation64s, downloading music on Napster, some are going to watch Netflix, etc. But to be frank, so bloody what? You’d be right in saying that’s not what it’s for, but you couldn’t stop it for all the tea in china, so why try? Also, you’ll create a two-teir internet. What counts as a valid use? This news service or that news service? This app or that app? It also utterly stifles innovation, leads to cronyism, and all for what?

OK, but won’t the current ISPs be pissed; they’ve bought all this Infrastructure, and now everybody gets “Free Internet”, what a waste.

Not nessersarly, not at all. Home broadband in the UK starts at around 35mb, then there is a jump when you hit Fiber up to around the 60 mark, and then it just increases by around 30-100 as you jump up the scale. And then they’re businesses that have GBs (1,000 MBs) of internet.

II’m talking about just for browsing websites, using apps, email, that sort of thing. Not about streaming high-definition video or gaming. You don’t need a particularly fast connection for that – Pings and Latency doesn’t really matter – so I reckon around 12-16mb should do it – that’s half of the most basic option. You can also fit more people on the servers with this, but remember, this is made for people who can’t afford internet – anyone can get on the system, but if you want better, then you have to pay for it, at whatever the market rate is.

OK, but the government have to build the infrastructure from scratch? Nope, in the same way that Supermarkets such as Tesco can essentially create their own ISPs; the government can do the same. It’s just white-label. I’m not entirely sure about coverage, or alternative white-label services (such as maybe there is one for Virgin’s backbone?), but I believe the coverage is sufficient enough on OpenReach.

Why don’t you just throw in a free computer with it, whilst you’re at it?

  Look at these prices, and what even is a ‘computer’ anyway, a tablet with a physical keyboard is enough.

Yes, good thinking, an internet connection is useless without a computer; is like a Bacon Sandwich without Sauce. Like with mobility cars, those who qualify, should have one. You can now get computers that are up to the job, for RRP < £100, such as Chromebooks, FIre/Android Tablets with Keyboards, Raspbery Pi setups. Or the government can go up the likes of their friends at Dyson to come up with a system.

Maybe make them so they take out £5/month out of your benefits until you reach an amount that covers the cost. On a quick google, I’ve found a computer for $5. Pi systems are about £30. Cheap tablet-computers, with a keyboard and mouse, that can plug into the TV or a monitor, cost about < £100, and Chromebooks are about £150-250. All are up to the job.

Some more advantages, and some final thoughts.

It’s a well known trope in higher academic circles, that every class has someone who couldn’t afford books, so spent all their time in a library. That the library acted like a Babysitter whilst the parent was at work. That child grew up to be the next XYZ doctor, entrapanure, or similar. 

We now in 2021, look back at the previous generations, and how sad it was that certain kids couldn’t afford books. They’re charities out there for giving books to children so they can grow and learn, why doesn’t the government pick up that ball?

We’d save money by moving certain services online, not entirely, but partially, to stop having members of staff repeat tasks over and over, when a computer can do it. They’re making the cuts anyway, and at some point we’d have to pick up the minimising of the services.

If every child had a Kindle like tablet, or an Android equivalent to an iPad…It’ll save costs with all the books and reading materials being more digital, so that’ll take up some of the costs (not all, but some). It’ll be kinder on the environment in regards to not having to print out as much paper. Children can look up their class schedules. Marking homework is much easier. Communications between the schools, parents, teachers, etc – are all much easier. It opens up transpaprncy. Kids no longer have to remember what books to take to what classes on what days. Libraries and knowledge-basses can be integrated. Children can use software to see videos, or dyslexic children can change the colours to make it easier to read. I’m not saying books don’t have their place, and lots of people love them – adore them – but we’re looking forward, and having things digital is less one would need in a backpack. We’ll always have these sheets of paper, we’d still need to know hand-writing, it’s just that some of it, can be digital.

(Oh’, we’d save some in postage costs too, as things can go to Email (or other email alternative) =P )

Thank you so much for reading, your thoughts and comments are most appreciated.

Whatever your comments & replies are, remember to be kind & enjoy your day.

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Me & My Boi – Nukhas

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As mentioned above in the TLDR, this article is more as a demonstration on any tweaks I need to make on this website, when displaying articles. So i’m just writing about one of the best things in my life; my Dog; Nukhas.

My Boi, my Nukhas, or Nuky for short. He’s a dog, and he’s my BFF. Most of the time. Sometimes we butt-heads together, such as when he can’t jump up onto my bed, calls for me to pick him up; but then, 30 seconds later, he’ll jump down. And how he’s always ALWAYS on the wrong side of any door, I don’t think he understands doors or rooms to be honest.

What’s the story behind getting Nukhas?

On the journey home.

Well, i’ve always been obsessed with Dogs my whole life. I just see them, doing their thing, and it makes me smile. It’s a great way of sparking up conversations with people, generally I know that if there is someone with a dog – regardless of their aligance to a political group, football team, video game franchies etc – their is something to talk about that we’d both generally enjoy. I’d talk about getting a dog seemingly my whole life.

Back in 2016, and the run up to it, I knew I was in for a heavy operation – the complete removal of my Large Bowl – that’s right, I have zero bumhole. I still have a bum, it’s just more Action Man than Flatulence Man. I won’t go into the details here, at this point, but i’ll share them someday – i’ll ad it to the list. So I thought, as a sort of “Let’s get through this”, i’d turn my general googling about dogs, onto an active scheme. I’d look up breeds, talk to the right people, see the costs involved, what i actually have to do – the whole shebang.

And then, on October the 30st, 2016, I went to a farm and choose my little Boi floofball.

Nukhas, pronounced Nuck-[back of throat sound]-ass, it’s actually spelt Nuchas, but I prefer it my way. I shorten it ot Nuks, Nuky, Nux & whatever floats my boat at the time. To define the word, this is it’s meaning

Nachas is a Yiddish word meaning that you are happy and proud, especially of someone’s accomplishments. An example of nachas is what you feel when you watch your children graduate from college.”

I also call him Bubs, short for Bubbalah – which is a sort of deep fried round pancake, that can be sweet or savoury. It’s something that Jewish grandmothers tend to call their grandkids.

The first few years…

Such a tiny little thing !

After taking Nuky home, I had a few days with him before I could see a Vet to get him checked out, as it was a weekend. I was a ball of anxiety, did I choose the right pup? What if mine has one of the defects known to it’s breed? What if I had bought a puppy-farm’d dog? Turns out I was fine, but I also had to name him. It was 50/50 between Nukhas & Scroobius Pup (a pun based of my favorite musician, a rap singer who’s work I know more or less word-for-word, most of the time). At the very last moment, I went with Nukhas.

As Nuky if my first dog, I had to learn by mistake – which is IMHO the best way of learning, at least, on some things. I had guidance from Christine at the Enfield Chase Dog Training Club & a little bit from her amazing work at Jubilee Park Enfield Dog Training.

May be an image of 1 person, dog and text
The amazing Christine & one of the lights of her life, her dog, Teddy. The most well trained & behaved dogs i’ve ever known.

During my training at ECDTC, I entered Nuky into a few competitions, where we won a few rossettes. There was one time where his recall was so good, he’d literally knock me over, despite at the time being about 5kg. It was like a wet slobbery tongued bowling ball. We all had a great laugh at that.

So why a Cavachon?

Well, at first I wanted a relatively low energy dog, I didn’t want a dog that I have to walk every day 365 days a a year, in case I was sick. Don’t get me wrong, I walk him almost every day, but if I miss it every now and then, it’s no big deal.

I’ve always liked the King Charles Cavaliers, I love their soft ears, they’re Lap Dogs & that’s what I wanted, a dog to snuggle up to during Lost, Heroes, House, Game of Thrones, or whatever the next big TV series is.

With the Bichon side, I wasn’t to fussed if it was a Bichon, Poodle, Malteese, etc – I went for what was available on that half. My first choice was the Poodle part, but it could have been any small-medium sized dog. I like that they don’t shed their fur that much – I think it’s classed as Hair rather than Fur, which makes it good for people with Allogies, but I could be wrong.

I also wanted a relatively clever dogs. I’m not talking about Eignstine style intelligent, but something that I could train to do tricks – because that’s loads of fun.

The slight downside to Cavachons, is their tears stain the fur on the side of their nose, so you kind of need to keep that clean. Also, their ears can get effected. Nuky had a few creepy-crawlies in his ear when I first got him, but they were relatively small in quantity and went away in a week.

Tricks, plots & Schemes

A video of a few of our tricks
  • Paw
  • Left / Right / Other paw
  • Jump-up-on-me
  • Speak
  • Spin (clockwise)
  • Twist (counter-clockwise)
  • Leap (up on hind legs)
  • Up (jump up on furnature)
  • Cups (put a treat under cup, find the right one)
  • Off (walk backwards / go away, from whatever i’m holding, such as a treat).
  • Down (lay down on the floor) & All The Way (get down even lower).
  • Budge Up… if he’s on the couch where ooomanz want to sit, he’ll move along. But then sit up nice and close for a good old stroking whilst watching telly.
  • … more to be continued, I like adding to our repwahtay all the time.

He doesn’t always do these first time, and in different environments, it’s like he has to re-learn some of the tricks. But he does most of them most of the time.

I’d absolutely adore to go into places such as Mental Health facilities, Hospitals, Care Homes & even Prisons etc, and just give the staff & cliental a bit of joy by seeing a pet. I’ve looked into this many times, and always come up with roadblocks, but I always see how it helps people, from the pages from dog charties that I follow.

I really want to work with dogs in the future too, my main thought is as a Behaviourist or Therapist of some hind, and once The Plague (Covid) fully goes away, i’m going to really look into it. Maybe I could become a dog-handler at an airport? I really don’t mind, just as long as i’m with a dog. I think Nuky is to old to be trained into a sniffer dog or anything similar, and i’m not well enough to anything strenuous such as long running, but there must be something. I’m not after big money out of it, i’m well prepared to take a massive drop in my career- based income for this, i’m all after the job satisfaction rather than the Big Bux (not that I personally made the big time).

If you think you can help me with this goal, please leave a comment or get in contact. If you work in any of the above facilities and live around EN4 of the UK, i’ll be happy for us to come in and say ‘Hi’ & ‘Woof’ to everyone !.

A few annoying points

Nuxtah isn’t quite big enough to jump up on my bed, where he sleeps, keeping my feet nice’n’warm. So I have to lift him up. But then within a few minutes, he’ll jump off for something, then HRH will want to be lifted back up on the bed 20 seconds later. This can go on maybe 10 times a night.

Sometimes he can somehow, with his full 12kg self, takes up a King Sized bed built for 2 people. I don’t know how he does it. It’s crazy how such a small being, can take up so much room. In fact, I think he breaks the laws of phsyics at times, such as how much space he can take up despite being small… or how if he plonks himself down, and doesn’t want to go somewhere – it’ll take a jumbo jet to move him. When that happens, I switch directions and then back again, and that tricks him.

He can be a bit Barky at night at times, not always, but sometimes. And you have to be a doggie mind reader to know what he wants. Eventually when you solve this Sphinx’s Riddle, it’s iike “Ahh, why didn’t you just say so?”.

Some final notes

Nuky has been a real life saver for me, when i’m sick, he’s by my side. Unfortunately, i’m sick quite a lot. I’ve had 4 week-long stays in hospital around him. But when he’s at the party, he’s the life of the party, even if he’s just doing doggie things. I’ll always be grateful. When the bad thoughts hit me, I think, how can I leave behind this little fluffball? How can I do that to mum too? He’s helped me create lots of friends, every time I walk him, I get to speak to me neighbours – it’s like a secrete social club. People from all walks of lives. IF a dog is right for you, if your life can handle the responsibility & costs of a dog, I can’t recommend one highly enough.

Keep safe, lots of love.

I’ll leave you with a few pics

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