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Lifestyle Concepts & Philosophies that I can totally dig. ⋆ Parity Of

Lifestyle Concepts & Philosophies that I can totally dig.

A bunch of ways of life that I can totally get behind.

TLDR: Here I show up a whole bunch of lifestyles, philosophies, concepts, and total ways of life - that I really could do with a bit more on. .

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Lifestyle Concepts & Philosophies that I can totally dig.

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Picture above by Edward “SirSandGoblin” Peacock of the Statistic Stetches etsy store. You can find more of his work over at :

Here are a few more examples of his artwork.

Here I’ll list out a few ways to live, a few life styles, that i’ve come across, that I really like the idea of. I know some of them might be a bit Hippy & not everyone likes it. But if I take the parts of it I like, and leave the rest, then I should get a good system going.

On researching this article, they’re tons and tons of these that I like, but here are a few choice ones.

Hygge was the inspriation for this post, and my 💯🔥 pick.

This is all “As i understand it” and laid out in my own way of speaking. I’ll probably gets of it wrong, maybe even a little bit more, but this is just my take.


Stoicism isn’t a new idea, it comes from the Ancient Greeks. Some guy was shipwrecked in Athens, and lost everything he had. Rather than be all doom’n’gloom about it, he saw this as an opportunity to change things about. But this isn’t just a “Get rid of material crap” stance, somehow, it’s more of a thinking of Self Control, Tolerance & Virtue. These days, if someone is Stoic, they’re that cool, calm & rational person.

I’m not sure if I like the denying of feelings, but it’s more like “Everything is in a web of consequences & actions, and although you can’t always do jack-shit about some of it, you can change your attitude on how you approach things”.

Stocism has four main pillars

  • Real Wisdom (the ability to rationally think things through, and always be improving your knowledge)
  • Temperance (Restraint in all things in life, ‘less is more’ & ‘all things in moderation’)
  • Justice (Treat people fairly, even if they’ve done the dirty on you).
  • Courage (in. your daily challanges, not just the big things – for some, even living can be considered this).

Nelson Mandela was a big fan of this, to him, what was done couldn’t be changed (such as his incarceration) , but it could be a lesson learnt for the future.

Reminds me of the Christian verse

“Lord grant me the Serenity to accept the things I can not change,
The Courage to change the things I can
and the Wisdom to know the difference.”


Hygge, as a term, has been messed around with quite a lot, as it’s traveled from Norway to Findland to the UK and US – and beyond. It was so popular in 2016 in the UK, that it was short-listed for “word of the year” by the Oxford English Dictionary.

It basically means a sort of manufactured cozzyness. I don’t think there really is an English equivolant that quite represents it well. The following is either the action itself, or the appreciation of the event happening.

  • On a cold winter’s day; as if most days in the nordic countries; Wolly Socks, that Hot Chocolate with The Works, sparkling lights, snuggling up with your family on the coach watch the fire or a movie, calling up a mate out the blue.
  • On a Spring day, it’ll be the new leaves, the new smells, the animals coming out of hibernation. The sunlight shinning through the newly green leaves, on a walk in the forrest, with your dog(s) & a friend. The realisation that the long dark nights are starting to shorten.
  • On a hot Summer’s day, I guess [and this is just a guess as I can’t find any examples], it’s drinking coconut water, eating watermelon, going to the beach with a fire. BBQ Weather too.
  • On an Autumn day, it’s the snugness of the days drawing to a close earlier, the longing of the twilight hours, the browns and reds on the ground. It’s getting a coffee for your friend, who you haven’t seen in 5 years, but picked up the conversation right off the bat.

Hygge is just that sort of cozyness and comfort you make for yourself. It’s really nice, I love it, such as having a big bath with all the lights. And reading a book whilst hearing the rain.

wood, warm, home, decoration, cottage, flame, fire, cozy, fireplace, living room, room, indoors, hearth, fireside


Animisim is the believe that everything, from people to animals to plants to even inanimate objects, all have a soul. It’s known as the OG Religion, and a lot of “Primitive cultures”. Stay with me, this leads onto some other Philosphies that i’ll get into soon, but thinking ‘things’ have ‘souls’, although this is my take, can show when something gives you an Emotion when you get it. Modern religions capitalise objects all the time, there is a mountain in Hawiaii that is seen as a sister of the indiginious people. They’re cultures that believe spirits come in masks & you kind of loan them your body. Drugs are probably involved with that bit. Good drugs. Often food has a ‘soul’ to it, you can taste the ‘love’ in a well prepared meal by a loved one; when you season a Wok Hei (or ‘The Breath of a Wok’).

But anyway, I don’t know much about this but I like the idea that ‘things’ have a ‘soul’, and that can effect how you relate to it.

There is a method of organising called the KonMari method. Which says you put all your items, such as clothes or cutlery, into a big pile. You then get them all one by one, and if this item “Brings you the Spark/Joy, you keep it – otherwise you give/throw/donate it away”. Joy/Spark can be a few things. If something bought you joy once, such as when you bought it, but it no longer does -great, it’s done it’s purpose, now time to hand it over to someone else.


Picture from: Normanack, Flickr.

I have friends who subscribe to the views of Pagan and Wicca. Wicca is seen as a bit out-there, but I think that is due to stigma & misunderstand. Wicca is linked to Satainsim, but the two aren’t synonymous. Satainism is all about the “Enternal Rebal”, it’s an disestablishmentarian movement – which is why it was seen as so bad, got scapgoated, and then the occult hijacked it. But when we come to Wicca, is a Pagan religion, and was the target of the Witch Trials.

Witches from Wiccas, isn’t really about believing in a god or goddess. It’s about experiencing things, discovery and learning. It’s quite scientific in the respect that you’re expected to learn, challenge, and come to know what you experience first-hand; and have confidence in that.


is a Japanese way of thinking, as a “Reason for being”. It’s your way of having a sense of purpose & fulfilment, motivation & accomplishment. It can be your motivation. It’s hard to explain in words, so here is a picture taken from Ben Freeman on Flickr

I love the Gods, Heroes, Monsters (etc) of Old
Greek, Norse, Roman, Egyption – etc – and that’s just the ones I can recall.

I’ve listened to over and over again the tails of

  • Thor & Loki, Fraya & Oldin – the whole family – from their starts ’till ragnorock on Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.
  • Zeus , Hercules, Pandora’s Box, and so so much more, in Steven Fry’s Heroes: The myths of the Ancient Greek heroes retold , and his books Mythos & Troy.
  • God of War (The Greek Years), is also a FANTASTIC way of telling these stories, there is one point where your main character is so small, in comparison, that he lifts up someone else’s finger nail, that he’s stuck inside of.

    and also
  • God of War (The Norse Years), I’m still to play these, I wasn’t such a big fan on 4, but that was more down to gameplay. I wanted more huge giant monsters, or more mythological creatures. It had a lot, but nothing compared to the original series. But most people loved it.
  • Fictional Literature – as in, Narnia, The Magicians, Marvel, Dante’s Inferno etc.

I’ve listened to the audio books over and over again, and I can’t pinpoint why I adore this telling of stories & life-lssons. I can’t even work out if these count as a Religion or not, from back in the day, or just an artistic expression.

WhatI think I love about them, is that everyone in the book is fallible in one way or another – it makes them far more human than an all-knowing all-seeing omnipotent god who doesn’t actually do much, and never admits guilt. God in the Abrahamic religions, as far as I know, is the Holy Trinity of Superman, Thanos (with the fully loaded Infinity Gauntlet) and, erm, Ion Man’s Ego? When something CAN’T go wrong, when one can and will do whatever they want and use people as play things, it’s just a bit stale. We all know who’s going to win the fight. Even when they’re wrong they’re right.

The god’s mentioned above though, and as I learn more, i’m sure they’ll be plenty to add to the list.. They can all f’ck up bigtime. You don’t know they’re going to win. Sure, Loki will have his whit, and Thor will have his strength, but it’ll get them into trouble. They’ll win pretty much most of the time, but you don’t always know that. And they’re clauses in these wins, they get into trouble.

I’d love to learn more cultures about this way of instilling morals and values onto people, through fantasy. I can totally get behind a religion that uses these up.

So that’s it for this little rabbit hole, I hope you enjoyed it, please feel free to share and/or leave a comment, and tag me in if you like.
It’s all apprechated.
– PP ✌️☮️

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