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Welcome to the Lingoverse… Part 1, Yiddish. ⋆ Parity Of

Welcome to the Lingoverse - Part 1; Yiddish

Of which, there is no 'right' English example.

TLDR: Here I go through some Yiddish words of which I don't think there is an English equivolant. .

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Welcome to the Lingoverse… Part 1, Yiddish.

The English Language is so borring on so many levels. We have our Swears, which are great, the UK is the best at that IMHO, but what about the rest world’s languages? What words can we take from them?

Yiddish is a language by a people who have travelled across the world & generally started from those that didn’t have a Motherland (although it’s based around Western Soviet & Germanic routes), therefore it’s adapted and evolved, and seemingly, every family has a slightly different take on the exact definition.

One of the things with languages, is that you can shape a mindset about a culture, by the words they use. In this case, Yiddish can be quite emotive. There is a thing called “Jewish Guilt”, I guess the Catholics have something similar; but you can see in the makeup of the language how it shapes the mindset.

Mishyguss; /mish-eh-GUS/

A light hearted way to say one has a ‘madness’ that has over taken someone’s life.. It’s more about the idea, and it’s normally a temporary thing. It’s not really a Mental Health thing, I guess it can be confused with OCD, but OCD is a really serious issue, and this isn’t.

My obesssion with Consumer Gizmos (especially Apple), and Dogs, could be one of mine. Where sometimes i’d spend all day going over the real fine-print. I used to have one over the show Hollyoaks too, where I’d watch it and the repeat every day – it would drive my flatmates crazy. My mum has one over her home, where she is constantly making plans to do rooms up, or to make sure it’s pristine. My Dad had one about starting up businesses, he’d love the ‘game’ and the ‘gamble’ of trying new ways to do things.

“OMG, it’s like the whole office has a Mishygus over Game of Thrones; every f’-king detail they need to know about”.

Mashugina – /mash-oog-INah/

this is very similar, but can be more sinister, and is more about the person rather than thing they’re crazy about.

I think she’s gone Mashugina. She repeats every other sentence. Maybe the doctor can recommend some pills or a theorpy.

Broygus – /broy-GUS/

A feud between two people, normally ones who used to be friends, and one day could be friends again – but one of those fights where you no longer know why you’re beefing with each other; it’s just a constant game of uppenship. But you know i something serious happened, it’d end the broygus in an instant; they’d still be there for each other. You can expand this to groups such as rival football clubs, but anyone who celebrates an actual pain/distruction, would be considered too far for Broygus.

No, I’m not picking up the phone to him, I don’t care what he says, he shouldn’t have done XYZ…. Yes, i’m mad, in-fact, i’m broygus.


An utter suck up, normally said with affection. Normally there is an alterer motive for sucking up, such as getting a favourable bit of food, or knowing you’ll get a gift or even just some ego-boosting praise. Or another example is to suck up to a parent, just to get one over on your sibling.

Thank you, yes, I’ve had my hair done, I’m really pleased with it now. What is it you’re after? Oh yes, new skirt too. Ok, here’s my last rolo. You utter Schmeral.

Haychic (/Hay-Chik/) & Nukhas (/Nuk-ch-uss/).

I love these words, they’re very similar, they both mean that good vibes you get, that feeling in your heart that something gives you. Haychik is normally when something is done yourself, such as watching a loved one eat a labour intensive meal you made. Or in general, seeing the fruits of your labour.

Nukhas is slightly different, it’s more about get those same vibes, on behalf of someone else. Seeing your friend’s charity run, seeing your children graduate, etc.

I don’t know why I do it, I spend all day writing this blog, and it just gives me great Haychik when people reply & share it.

Subtle hint.

I can’t believe my little boy is starting school, and he got a shiney golden star on his first day. So proud. It’s a Nukhas to me.

Sehhull (sheah-hull) & Noggin (Nog-gien)

If someone has the Sehhull, they’ve got their wits about them, about a situation. They’ve got good forethought. Noggin is more about the physical head.

I stood up, and it just knocked my noggin on the corner of t’he cupboard.

I went into Chippers, and all I wanted was some chips. I didn’t have any cash but I had my contact-less card on my phone – so I can’t use a cash Point. They said I needed to spend £12 to use my card, so I asked if I can just get a burger with it to knock it up to £8. They said no. So I asked if I can just pay 50p extra. And they said no. So they’re turning down a £9 sale for the sake of 50p. Mean while, they’ve got JustEat taking half their profits, and Dilveroo too.I ended up going next door. No Sehhull what so ever.

Yes this is very specific case. Yes I am bitter. In fact, I’m totally broygus with them.

Chutzpah /Houts-pahh/

This is a fan-favorite of Yiddish words. This is to mean the nerve or ghul of someone. Where someone does something so unbelievable in favour of their own self interests, that it’s crazy. It’s a personified Audacity. Normally the thing will be quite hypocritical thing that the subject does.

Perfect one person example.


That’s it, that’s all you need for this definition. Trump is pure Chutzpah. I can not think of a better definition. Donald Trump is pure 100% oozing Chutzpah.

OK, only kidding, I guess you’d need specifics

I can’t believe he had a go at me for making the place messy, have you seen his room? The pure chutzpah of it.

Every single person who has ever come into a place where I live. Especially my flatmates.

We ordered 9 prawns, we had 4 each, and he didn’t even offer up the last one, even though I paid.

I can’t believe they didn’t even offer to pay their half of the meal; and even asked me to leave a Tip !

(Projecting much?)

And that’s it for Part 1.

I hope you enjoyed this, this is far from a complete list, this is just the ones that came to mind whilst writing this. They’re tons more to add in a Part 2 or 3, such as Putz, Schmuck, Bubbalah & so much more – it’s just that I don’t want to do too many in one go.

Have a lovely day.

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